strong ethics drive sustainable success


Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp

Chairman of the Executive Committee

DTGO upholds integrity and ethics in business operations and social/environmental activities as guided by good corporate governance practices in line with the corporate vision and mission. Our activities are efficient, transparent, and accountable, taking into account the benefits of stakeholders, society, and the environment.

DTGO has outlined a good corporate governance policy, covering business ethics and society, as well as practices in line with good corporate governance practices, as guidelines for executives, organization members, and stakeholders. All the policies are aimed at supporting people at large, society, and the environment and upholding moral and ethical values.


DTGO Good Corporate Governance Principles

DTGO Corporation Limited upholds integrity and ethics in business operations and social/environmental activities as guided by good corporate governance practices, taking into account the interests of stakeholders, society, and the environment.

law and <br> regulations

law and

Respect and comply with relevant law and with internal and external regulations

Ethics <br/> & Integrity

& Integrity

Perform duties with commitment and dedication and undertake roles and responsibilities ethically and with integrity

Rights of shareholders <br/> & stakeholders

Rights of shareholders
& stakeholders

Respect the rights of shareholders and stakeholders, treating them fairly

Transparency <br/> & Auditability

& Auditability

Perform duties with integrity, honesty, transparency, and auditability

Social <br/> Responsibility


Perform duties with community, social and environmental awareness and responsibility

Human <br/> rights


Conduct business with consideration for human rights and fair labor

Disclosure <br/> & Communication

& Communication

Communicate and disclose information accurately, transparently, and reliably

Anti-Fraud <br/> and Corruption

and Corruption

Support practices that counter fraud & corruption

Policies related to DTGO Good Corporate Governance

Whistleblowing and Complaint Channel

DTGO provides a channel for complaints and whistleblowing for anyone who encounters or becomes aware of any action or behavior that

  1. Violates law or DTGO regulations
  2. Constitutes fraud or corruption
  3. Involves authority being exercised improperly for personal benefit or for the benefit of others
  4. Unfairly acts against or damages an individual targeted to deter whistleblowing