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About DTGO

DTGO Corporation Limited (DTGO) is a Business-Social organization that has been dedicated since its founding in 1993 to the generation of well-being for society through a better understanding of human behavior and holistic living eco-systems.

DTGO takes an integrated approach to its business of international real estate development, with a range of services including architectural design, construction management, material-sourcing services and property development.

We are committed to adding value in everything we do, adapting to customer needs while ensuring benefits to other stakeholders and society as a whole. Our property brands, such as Magnolias and Whizdom, are designed based on research-driven principles to ensure customer well being and quality living.

Similarly, DTGO’s two major philanthropic arms, Buddharaksa Foundation in Thailand and DT Families Foundation in Hong Kong, work through thoughtful investments with measurable and scalable social impact to foster a variety of innovative solutions for sustainable development and to inspire lives of full potential for children in need by providing the education necessary to acquire life-changing skills, knowledge and self-confidence.

DTGO attracts and supports personnel who care deeply for the greater good of society and who cultivate a spirit of goodwill and volunteerism. Together with customers, suppliers, and partners, our people are dedicated to sharing their effort and time for good social causes on an ongoing basis.



To be a global, evolving, and living organization that fosters a community of smart and good-hearted people who care for society at large.


  • Nurture children in need of a better quality of life.
  • Conduct business successfully with ethics and integrity.
  • Be a community full of warmth and happiness.
  • Be a dependable place for every member.
  • Foster every community member to live a happy life with ethics and integrity.

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To create a community of warmth and happiness

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To encourage every member to live happily with ethical integrity

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To become a dependable place for each member of the community

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