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Social contribution

DTGO dedicates 2% of its revenue to supporting social and environmental initiatives.

Operating through foundations with specialist expertise, DTGO supports initiatives in Thailand and Asia to assist underprivileged communities, to preserve and restore threatened nourish habitats those are important for every being, and to foster innovations that create equal access to healthcare. How DTGO looks at the societal issues which are education, environment and health. We have 2 foundations to help drive these issues.



DTGO funding for projects in Hong Kong and Thailand provides underprivileged children with a good education and socially excluded youths with vocational skills. Initiatives backed by the group currently maintain 6,000 schoolchildren in positive learning environments. Other social efforts backed by the group include homebuilding for the poor in Thailand.


DTGO funds are contributing to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Bhutan for Life project to preserve Bhutan’s unique Himalayan ecosystems and sustain its people’s livelihoods. We are also helping develop marine preservation initiatives centered in Thailand.


A DTGO-backed effort is launching to accelerate the development of new healthcare technologies and procedures in rural areas of Thailand. The project aims to improve medical services in poorly served communities and foster advances with global applications.

Dr. Wit Soontaranun Dr. Wit Soontaranun
EVP - Social Contribution Office
DT Families Foundation

A Hong Kong-based nonprofit organization that oversees DTGO’s international corporate social responsibility programs.

DT Families Foundation

A foundation dedicated to giving underprivileged children in Thailand a good education.