DTGO Helps “Pay It Forward” in COVID-19 Outbreak

03 Jun 2021Corporate


June 2021, Bangkok – Buddharaksa Foundation, a DTGO-linked non-profit, has joined with LIFEiS and Ahriyavraromp Foundation in “Pay It Forward” to continue to save lives in the COVID-19 Outbreak.
After the success of the “1 Breath, 1 Life” program, in which it helped supply 171 ventilators to 120 hospitals, the foundation is working to supply further vital equipment for patients struggling to breathe.

Buddharaksa Foundation invites you to give 99 baht and tag at least 9 friends as you share this video and message to 9 Line groups.

Your donations, without any costs deducted, will help buy BiPAP/high-flow devices and mechanical ventilators for hospitals to treat critically ill patients.

Please donate to Buddharaksa Foundation at Bangkok Bank current account no.133-3-15831-7.

If you need a document for tax deduction, please send your receipt with your name and address to Line Official Pay It Forward.

The foundation thanks all donors, medical staff, and healthcare teams for their ceaseless efforts, which we believe can soon bring back well-being to Thailand.