DTGO Helps Supply 120 Hospitals in COVID-19 Outbreak

03 Jun 2021Corporate


3 June 2021, Bangkok – “1 Breath, 1 Life”, an initiative by DTGO-linked non-profits Buddharaksa Foundation and Dhanin Tawee Chearavanont Foundation, has completed its deliveries of life-saving equipment for COVID-19 patients.
The project has gathered donations of 50,385,000 baht and purchased 48 mechanical ventilators and 123 BiPAP A40 and high-flow devices to assist people suffering from COVID-19. Equipment to help patients breathe until their infection subsides has now been supplied to 120 hospitals across Thailand.

“1 Breath, 1 Life” exceeded its initial goals of raising 40,000,000 baht and supplying 50 hospitals with a total of 140 machines.

DTGO thanks everyone who contributed to this vital project. The group will now continue its efforts to help in the outbreak with further initiatives to supply vital equipment and relieve hardship.

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