B.Grimm, EEC Engineering Network, and DTGO Team up on Eco-Friendly Utility Systems

17 May 2021Corporate


17 May 2021, Bangkok – B.Grimm has taken a stake alongside EEC Engineering Network and DTGO in EEC-DT Green Power Company Limited (EEC-DT) to jointly develop eco-friendly power, water, cooling, and waste systems including Thailand’s first “Central District Utility Systems”
B.Grimm bought shares from EEC-DT’s existing shareholders to hold a 30% share alongside DTGO with 37%, EEC Engineering Network with 25%, and Dr. Naree Phinyawatana with 8%.

Dr. Harald Link, Chairman of B.Grimm, said EEC-DT would aid Thailand’s sustainable development, co-developing Central District Utility Systems as “an innovative concept that has not existed before in Thailand”.

“This collaboration aims to develop future Smart City projects that provide healthy environments and energy efficiency and convenience to consumers, marking a significant step in elevating the quality of life for the benefit of Thai society,” he said.

“Personally, I have a longstanding relationship with EEC and DTGO, which we believe will serve as an excellent foundation for our partnership and driver of future success.”

Mrs. Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp, Founder & Chairman of the Executive Committee of DTGO, said: “DTGO is honored to partner with B.Grimm. Our synergy with EEC-DT is to work together to make our world livable and sustainable so we can pass it on to future generations.”

The collaboration will aim for large-scale, impactful action such as megaprojects and Smart Cities, setting up wastewater and waste treatment systems, as well as developing clean energy and alternative energy. The joint venture reflects DTGO's concept of “Adding Value in Everything We Do” to benefit people, communities, and society at large.

Mr. Kecha Thirakomen, Chairman of EEC Engineering Network, said B.Grimm’s acquisition will boost the potential and business expansion opportunities for EEC-DT to develop systems for energy management, the environment, climate, and healthy, sustainable living environments.

Mr. Kamol Tanpipat, CEO of EEC-DT, said: “B. Grimm’s collaboration reflects that using centralized district cooling systems to provide and distribute air-conditioning in residential and mixed-use projects is new in Thailand. EEC-DT is one of the first companies in Thailand to develop a system for residential projects, with a focus on sustainable urban development and energy use.”

EEC-DT specializes in installing and operating district cooling systems that reduce energy use. It has also developed a “zero water waste” system with a central wastewater treatment system to reduce demand for water.

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