DTGO Holds “Giving Happiness to the Elderly” at Ratchaburi

25 Mar 2021Corporate


25 March 2021, Ratchaburi – DTGO held “Giving Happiness to the Elderly” to help older adults at Siriwathana Almshouse with their daily activities.
The initiative aims to boost the morale of the residents under the care of Buddharaksa Foundation, a non-profit foundation that assists underprivileged communities with support from DTGO.

Funds raised at DTGO’s Online Charity Funfair’21 were used to provide food and drink and to replace 3 windows.

Twenty-one DTGO members took part, helping prepare and serve lunch and dinner to residents and bedbound patients.

The volunteers also cleaned the almshouse to eliminate germs, contributing to the community under the group’s core philosophy of “Adding Value in Everything We Do”.

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