DTGO Highlighted in Report on Responsible Leadership

11 Feb 2021Corporate


11 February 2021, Bangkok – DTGO features in an article by Stephen Ibaraki, a social entrepreneur, futurist, and venture capitalist, on “responsible leadership with innovation”, which he abbreviates to RLI.

His article, published on LinkedIn and elsewhere, gives DTGO as a “good example” for executives worldwide to follow in developing purposeful leadership.

DTGO is “the model for a forward-thinking company marrying with the UN SDGs”, he writes.

He cites The Forestias as an example of the distinctive approach of Mrs. Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp, DTGO’s founder.

“An example of her global leadership is her The Forestias development, building an entire multi-generational smart community along with sustainable development goals with the greenest innovation and unified holistic integration with biodiversity and the environment.

“The Forestias represents a new global prototype for smart town development designed and built by some of the world’s most respected experts and organizations to ensure total alignment with a healthier and happier quality of life.”

The article also references RISC and FutureTales Lab as resources to help society achieve well-being and sustainability.

Mr. Ibaraki visited DTGO in November 2019 to speak on the “5th Machine Age” and global initiatives in which he is engaged.

He is chairman and managing general partner of REDDS Capital and the founder of the AI for Good Global Summit. Across his many roles he claims to guide over $10 trillion in sustainable investment.

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