Obodroid Explains Future of Thai Robotics

14 Jan 2021Corporate


14 January 2021, Bangkok – Dr. Mahisorn Wongphati, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of DTGO joint venture Obodroid, gave an interview on the future of robotics to news website Thansettakij.
Dr. Mahisorn shared his experience of designing robots and forecast that Thailand could develop robots for the world.

“Robotics has many fields because it integrates many sciences,” he said.

“In terms of technology everything is perfect but in terms of business, there are still challenges in many areas to prove over time that robots can be used in real life.”

Obodroid’s robots are set to operate within residences by MQDC, the property developer within DTGO. The company is developing service robots for functions such as security, receptionist, advertising, delivery, companion, personal assistant.

KAITOMM is a companion/personal assistant robot that makes life easier for all ages. SR1 is a security robot that can follow a set route through its Auto-Navigation System.

Obodroid worked with the Faculty of Engineering of Chulalongkorn University (MI Workspace) on PINTO, a prototype Quarantine Delivery Robot, and MIRROR, a mini robot tablet to help patients communicate.

Obodroid robots operate in countries such as Japan, the Philippines, and the UK, a first mark of success and a sign of coming changes in the perception of robots to substitute for and help humans.

Dr. Mahisorn added that Thailand doesn’t have companies like Apple, Google, or Facebook.

Obodroid could provide a role model for young people to focus on robot technology and become developers, making Thailand a country that can develop and build quality robots for the world.

Explore Obodroid’s robot innovations:https://www.obodroid.com/