Buddharaksa Foundation Installs Solar Lights for Safer Streets

19 Feb 2021Corporate


9 February 2021, Bangkok – Buddharaksa Foundation has worked with MQDC, the property developer within DTGO, to set up a solar street lamp for Kor Klang Phra Khanong community under the "Light up Your Life" initiative.
The DTGO-linked foundation and MQDC’s new-generation Whizdom brand have worked with government authorities in this societal contribution project to support development and benefit communities around MQDC projects.

Mr. Polgrit Chittariyapong, Vice President of MQDC, led the project with Mr. Apipattanapong Muangpakai, Buddharaksa Foundation Officer, and Mr. Kathatorn Laohametmetha, Senior Manager for Customer Experience of MQDC.

The team has installed the solar light in a public area where it can help reduce accidents and deter crime.

"Light up Your Life" will continue to set up solar lighting in areas like playgrounds, exercise courts, and public spaces to help communities and benefit society

Buddharaksa Foundation was set up under the vision of Mr. Dhanin and Khunying Tawee Chearavanont, its Honorary Chairmen, to create opportunities for those who need help in Thailand, regardless of their race or religion.

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