Buddharaksa Family Association Joins “Inspiring Thailand Day”

26 Nov 2020Corporate


21 November 2020, Bangkok – Buddharaksa Family Association joined “Inspiring Thailand Day” for Volunteers Miracle Power at Lido Connect in Siam Square.
Buddharaksa Family Association and volunteer students operated a booth selling secondhand clothing and accessories donated by DTGO members to raise funds for societal contribution initiatives.

Buddharaksa Family Association and its scholarship students help drive Buddharaksa Foundation’s activities for society.

The DTGO-linked Buddharaksa Foundation was set up under the vision of Mr. Dhanin and Khunying Tawee Chearavanont, its Honorary Chairmen, to create opportunities in various fields for those who need help in Thailand, regardless of their race or religion.

Explore DTGO’s CSR activities: https://www.dtgo.com/csr