DTGO Helps Build Dam to Save the Forest

03 Dec 2020Corporate


27 November 2020, Prachin Buri – DTGO members joined an initiative to save rainforests headed by Whizdom, a new-generation brand of the group’s property developer MQDC.
“Whizdom Re-Forest” has been working for 4 years to restore and conserve ecosystems at Khao E-To Forest Park.

Each year volunteers gather to plant native species of tree and construct “check dams” of wood and stone that slow rainwater runoff.

Together with Whizdom staff and scholarship students supported by the brand, the DTGO volunteers formed a team of 60, building a dam to reduce the impact of natural disasters and help conserve river basins and wildlife.

By keeping water in the forest for longer, the dam will help revive ecosystems, ensuring the forest’s future well-being.

DTGO will continue working with MQDC and Whizdom to protect forests, the home of all life, under 5- and 10-year plans.

“Whizdom Re-Forest” focuses on Khao E-To Forest Park as it is a watershed forest that helps support agriculture. Streams from the forest support agriculture, providing food for livestock. The water also eventually flows to Nakhon Nayok to supply water for our taps.

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