MQDC scores first for Southeast Asia with sustainability award for WHIZDOM 101

17 Nov 2017Corporate


WHIZDOM 101, a pioneering ‘smart city’ development on Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Road by Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC), has won international recognition for using high-tech design tools to cut energy use.
WHIZDOM 101, a pioneering 'smart city' development on Bangkok's Sukhumvit Road by Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC), has won international recognition for using high-tech design tools to cut energy use.

The 43-rai (70,000 sq m) neighborhood, combining condominiums with digital office space, shops, restaurants, leisure facilities, and green spaces near Punnawithi BTS station, was placed third globally in Sustainability at the annual AEC Excellence Awards, making it the first Southeast Asian project to win one of the coveted trophies.

The project's outstanding environmental performance stems from its combination of 'green' approaches, said Mr Suttha Ruengchaipaiboon, President of MQDC.

"Applying MQDC's 'sustainnovation' approach we have cut energy use by 30% through three elements of design: alternative energy, high energy efficiency, and 'passive design' features such as extensive green spaces, creating a cooler microclimate," he said.

"MQDC's corporate undertaking to 'For all well-being' commits us to developing property that benefits the environment as well as residents and surrounding communities. The project's scale has enabled us to create positive impacts on an unprecedented extent, while serving our goal of a 'third place' - an enriching environment beyond home and the office."

The AEC Excellence Awards are sponsored by Autodesk, a global leader in 3D design architecture, engineering, manufacturing and entertainment software. WHIZDOM 101 was one of 145 entries from 32 countries in the contest for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC). Winners were announced during Autodesk University 2017, held in Las Vegas on 14-16 November 2017.

Mr Rama Tiwari, Autodesk's Regional Director of ASEAN, said WHIZDOM 101 had stood out for its 'sustainnovation' approach, which involves researching unmet needs and finding innovative solutions.

"The AEC Excellence Awards shine a spotlight on the world's best AEC projects, and MDQC's win represents global recognition for their pioneering 'sustainnovation' approach," he said.

"MQDC's WHIZDOM 101 in Bangkok is a testament to the transformative power of connected building information modelling technologies for sustainable yet high-performance design, and embodies what the future of making things for the architecture and construction industry is all about."

Autodesk software helped WHIZDOM 101 optimize energy savings and sustainability through exploring aspects such as wind patterns and water drainage.

WHIZDOM 101 is designed as 'The Great Good Place', with spaces for living, working, and socializing. The project's energy-saving features include a district cooling plant, which saves power through enhanced efficiency. Alternative energy generation includes solar power panels. A Pavegen system generates 5 Watts from every footstep on a walkway linking the development to the BTS skywalk.

WHIZDOM 101 is expected to save about 15,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually, equivalent to taking about 3,000 cars off the road.**Based on figures from the US Environmental Protection Agency (Greenhouse Gas Emissions)