MQDC and DTGO Give Help in COVID-19 Crisis

22 April 2020, Bangkok – MQDC has worked with other DTGO companies to help in the COVID-19 crisis, assisting communities through the Buddharaksa Foundation and Dhanin Tawee Chearavanont Foundation.

Mr Visit Malaisirirat, CEO of MQDC, said that MQDC has partnered with DTGO, its parent company, and affiliated companies Dees Supreme, T&B Media Global (Thailand) Limited, One.Six Development Corporation Limited, and MQDC Brites Company Limited (Brites).

The companies have implemented assistance programs through the Dhanin Tawee Chearavanont Foundation, the Buddharaksa Foundation, and the Buddharaksa Family Association with support from MQDC’s real estate projects.

The Forestias by MQDC, a project to create a forest city, is funding and overseeing the “Forest for Life” tree-growing project in collaboration with government agencies and communities. The project to grow plants and generate income for people on low income and the unemployed is currently being set up.

Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit by MQDC provides 140 lunch boxes per day to unemployed people in Thonglor and Klong Toey in its “Food for Hope” project to share well-being and assistance with support from One.Six Development Corporation Limited.

Whizdom Society by MQDC has organized the “Monk Food Sharing Project” to offer breakfast and lunch to Samphanthawong Temple, Wat Moli Lokyaram Ratchaworawihan, and Rama 9 Temple in the absence of alms gathering.

The Aspen Tree by MQDC supports “Dietary Supplement Project for the Elderly and People with Low Immunity” by delivering survival bags of food, consumer goods, protective equipment such as face masks, and immune supplements for the elderly and chronic patients with low incomes at risk of infection.

MQDC also has “MQDC Project to Give Kindness against COVID-19” to provide survival bags, life essentials, and sanitation equipment to people suffering in the outbreak in communities near the company's real estate projects in Phra Khanong and Khlong San districts, totaling 1,687 households, and giving ingredients for food offerings to monks and novices.

The “MQDC Project to Give Kindness against COVID-19” supports disease prevention measures in Na Chom Thian in Chonburi.

MQDC has also joined the "Chulalongkorn Engineering Innovation Fund" to develop “Pinto”, a robot assistant for physicians and nurses in caring for hospital patients. Obodroid, a joint venture company, is working with the “CU ROBO COVID” team on the project.

“DTGO and its associated charities are aware of the urgent need for everyone to help each other to get everyone through the crisis,” said Dr. Wit Soontaranun, Executive Vice President of Strategic Corporate Social Contribution at DTGO, Committee Member of Dhanin Tawee Chearavanont Foundation, Vice Chairman of Buddhaksa Foundation, and President of Buddharaksa Family Association.

“The first group to consider is healthcare and public health personnel. The ‘DTGO Empowers Heroes, We Will Pass Together’ project has procured 30,000 personal protective equipment (PPE) kits, 20,000 N-95 face masks, 100,000 surgical masks, and 10,000 raincoats. All these items will be delivered to 80 hospitals around the country. We are also working with Shellhut Entertainment in the ‘PayItForward’ project to produce 30,000 face shields for delivery to healthcare professionals and hospitals.

“The second group is families of people on low incomes, such as contract staff and small traders. We have many projects to help people in the greatest difficulty, such as the 'Food for Hope’ project, which has hired local restaurants to prepare lunch boxes.”

“DTGO Hearts United” is a project by DTGO members to donate money to the Buddharaksa Foundation to get support and necessities to people in need.

Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO of T&B Media Global (Thailand) Company Limited and Shellhut Entertainment, said the “Pay It Forward” project would purchase masks and PPE protective kit and produce 40,000 face shields together to donate to medical personnel and hospitals. The initiative will purchase food and medicines for animals and provide food, drinking water, and medicine to monks as well as people lacking in consumer goods because they have lost their jobs and incomes. The “PayItForward” project started raising funds on 1 April.

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