Buddharaksa Foundation Welcomes Princess

26-28 February 2020, Chang Rai – Pol. Col. Prakit Yamanont, an advisor to the Buddharaksa Foundation with its English teaching program, greeted Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

The Princess visited Chang Rai to be updated on progress with the Royal Project Foundation and education at 3 Border Patrol Police Schools that are implementing the English-teaching program:

1. Barmroong 112 Border Patrol Police School, led by Mr. Eakkachai Komonnatsiri.

2. Sangwanwit 8 Border Patrol Police School, led by Ms. Jirapath Asang.

3. Ban Janu Border Patrol Police Learning Center, led by Ms. Sansanee Sunumit.

The Princess showed great interest in the English-teaching program at these schools.

Royal News on 26 February mentions Buddharaksa Foundation’s great support in education.

- Royal News on 26 February at 03.24–08.24

- Royal News on 28 February at 03.00–06.05

Buddharaksa Foundation is a non-profit associated with DTGO. The foundation helps the group achieve the greatest impact from the 2% of topline revenue it dedicates to social and environmental initiatives.

With a focus on education, Buddharaksa Foundation gives scholarships that helps thousands stay in school and university.

The foundation also provides support for English-teaching programs and holds Art4Worth classes by celebrated artists in underprivileged communities.

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