Staying Safe from COVID-19 with MQDC

19 March 2020, Bangkok – MQDC has special safeguards to keep its customers and teams safe in the COVID-19 outbreak.

MQDC is committed to your well-being. Please get in touch if you’re planning to visit a project and would like more information about COVID-19, its impact in Bangkok, and safety measures and guidelines.

Please be aware that you might be at an elevated risk if you have been to a high-risk country in the last 14 days.

In the meantime, to offer you the best protection, our showrooms have adopted these precautions:
- Gloves: Staff such as doormen will be wearing special gloves to keep surfaces safe.
- Cleaning: Areas and items that people are likely to touch will be disinfected often throughout the day.
-Hand sanitizer: We will invite you to clean your hands after traveling through the city.

You can get in touch with the Customer Services Team at or on 1265.