Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit debuts ‘intergeneration’ design highlights

21 February 2020, Bangkok – Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit, Thailand’s first super-luxury intergeneration residence, has unveiled its pioneering design for all generations at its sales gallery on Sukhumvit Road near Ekkamai Skytrain station.

“Visitors are excited to explore these intergeneration innovations,” said Mr. Roongrote Chongsujipan, Senior Vice President of Mulberry Grove.

“Our research found that Thais want to live in families of 3 or 4 generations. Through research and ‘co-creation’ with families, we are introducing new ‘intergeneration’ living concepts you can discover at our sales gallery. We’re proud of our ingenious creations – and the delighted response they’ve met!”

10 ‘Intergeneration’ Design Highlights
1. Spacious Family Living Area
Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit residences focus on bringing families together to share the day’s events and enjoy each other’s company. The versatile living/dining area is designed to offer exceptional space for convivial evenings enjoying a film, a meal, or great conversation.

2. The Nook
The Nook is an eye-catching feature of the sales gallery. Each member of the family can adapt this versatile space to his or her own needs. Draw its glass partition and you have your own private place within the living room to work, read, host friends, or even take a siesta. It can even become a semi-outdoor green space, where you can plant trees or create a garden.

3. Family Kitchen
Because cooking and eating are at the heart of family life, Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit has a truly special kitchen. Everyone can enjoy the fun of preparing favorite dishes through these distinctive features:
- Enclosed design with 2 air exhaust systems, for you to cook without fear of odor in your home.
- Glass walls, like a restaurant ‘show kitchen’, so cooking never keeps you from your family.
- Top German equipment and an exclusive Japanese sink, as quality always counts.
- Ergonomic and swivel-out drawers, so utensils and ingredients come easily to hand.
- Anti-slip flooring, to keep your family safe.

4. Wide Frontage
To flood your home with space and light, brightening each day for all the family, Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit units offer stunning unobstructed panoramas. A spectacular vista takes in the Chao Phraya River and Bang Kachao, the city’s famous ‘green lung’.

5. Universal Design
Wide doorways and corridors are just one example of the principle of ‘Universal Design’ that permeates your home. Facilities are tailored to all ages and every degree of mobility. Your home has not a single step, for instance, so it stays a welcoming environment for family members at every age. Bedroom are also carefully laid out for optimum accessibility.

6. Air Quality
The air we breathe affects our well-being at every age. Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit therefore features indoor air quality (IAQ) technology. This ensures PM2.5 particles never reach harmful level. A high-tech energy-recovery ventilation (ERV) system also checks carbon dioxide concentrations. If they rise to levels that could dent your mood, the system automatically lets in carefully filtered fresh air.

7. Top-Notch Flooring
Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit features only high-quality floor materials that will please your eye and boost your well-being too. In the living room, residences feature imported composite marble. Bedrooms boast the warm natural tones of engineered teak in a classic herringbone design.

8. Blissful Bathrooms
Each unit has a solid surface bathtub as part of creating a true sanctuary from the fast pace of modern life. With its generous dimensions and high-end fittings, this marble-themed haven invites you to soak in luxury and shed the day’s stress to best enjoy your moments with your family. Exclusive Japanese and German fixtures maintain the tone of true luxury.

9. Walk-in Wardrobes
A prestige lifestyle means space and privacy. That’s why Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit provides you with a sanctum to prepare your impeccable look for each day. The walk-in wardrobe is designed through research to accommodate all your belongings, such as a safe cabinet, your suitcases, or a makeup fridge. The well-groomed father or mother now has the perfect place to make the switch from family life to city life.

10. 30-Year Warranty
Peace of mind for tranquil family living calls for top-quality materials and fittings. MQDC extends a market-leading 30-year warranty to all its residence-owners, offering assurance for the 4 key aspects of each condominium. To see this masterpiece of intergeneration design, book your visit to Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit today.
The super-luxury residence is on main Sukhumvit road just 250 meters from Ekkamai BTS Station. Call 1265 to book your viewing or visit