The Givers Network unites givers and charities to show how ‘Together we can give better’

26 September 2019, Bangkok – The Givers Network is holding its 2nd annual forum, in Thailand on 5 October, under the concept ‘Together we can give better’ to bring givers and charities together for ‘smarter’ giving to better help people in need.

‘Smarter’ giving is vital to boost the impact of available resources and donations, said Dr. Wit Soontaranun, director of the Dhanin Tawee Chearavanont Foundation, a DTGO-supported non-profit that co-founded the network with the Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC) and the Thai Young Philanthropist Network (TYPN).

“The Givers Network is a force multiplier for charities and givers, making each act of giving more effective,” he said.

“Worldwide, over $5 billion is given each year to charity. Yet more than 1 in 10 people cannot read or write. More than one in 10 people are in extreme need. This year, 6 million children will die from diseases they could have been vaccinated against. We keep on giving but the problems persist.”

The Givers Network makes giving ‘smarter’ by providing a platform to share ideas, resources, and information. The network has three core elements: seeing more (better awareness of needs), learning well (improved solutions), giving better (achieve greater results).

“We invite everyone who cares about people and the planet to join us,” said Dr. Soontaranun.

“Through The Givers Network website, you will find new chances to give and new approaches to have greater impact on the world. Our forums also provide a chance to meet inspirational figures who are changing the world with their giving.”

The Givers Network will hold its annual forum, which is free to attend, at Waldorf Astoria Bangkok on 5 October. With Dr. Karndee Leopairote as MC, 5 leading speakers will share compelling stories and wisdom for an audience of givers and charity professionals.

“Bangkok is the venue chosen to reflect continuously growing Asian giving communities” said Dr. Soontaranun.

“Driven by the instinctive Asian concern for our communities, there has been an increasing number of organizations and individual who focus on meeting ever evolving societal and environmental needs. The Givers Network looks forward to gathering all these diverse givers so each of us can have more impact.”

The 5 speakers are
• Bill Somerville, a renowned social impactor known for “keeping it simple” in giving;
• Lilly Satidtanasarn, a young environmentalist with a “save the earth” mission;
• Mechai Viravaidya, a leading Asian changemaker whatever his role;
• Worawit Tantiwattanasap, a rural doctor with a 27-year devotion to saving lives;
• Nai Saetoen, a young girl who provides a living example of giving beyond oneself.

For more about joining The Givers Network or attending the forum, please visit