Whizdom ‘Re-forest’ plants 10,000 saplings at watershed forest

16 August 2019, Prachin Buri – Whizdom ‘Re-forest’ by MQDC held its 4th annual replanting activity with 700 volunteers, who planted 10,000 saplings at Khao E-To Forest Park in Prachin Buri.

The team from MQDC’s new-generation Whizdom brand worked with eco-conscious Whizdom residents and staff from partner companies. Naphat ‘Nine’ Siamsomboon, Whizdom’s latest brand ambassador, also joined in the day’s work.

The project aims to restore a ‘watershed forest’. These ecosystems have special value as they catch rainfall and feed it to streams and rivers, said Mr. Assada Kaeokhiao, President of the Whizdom brand at MQDC.

“Whizdom Re-forest is already bringing long-term benefits to this forest,” he said.

“Building further on our work in previous years we’re seeing the forest gradually recover to its original condition. True to MQDC’s vision of ‘for all well-being’, we are bringing well-being to forest plants and animals and also local communities. Forests support many livelihoods and also collect rainfall and help prevent floods.”

Over a full day’s work at Prachin Buri, the 700 volunteers planted 10,000 saplings. The trees were selected by an ‘online planting’ activity. Visitors to the Whizdom Re-forest Facebook page picked the saplings from 13 species. Each is carefully selected for the Khao E-To forest.

The teams also constructed 9 check dams. These barriers of wood and stone slow rainwater runoff. By keeping water in the forest for longer they further help to revive ecosystems.

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