Your invitation to The Power of the New Generation: Whizdom Re-Reforest Project#4

'Whizdom Re-forest' by MQDC is back for its fourth year to revive degraded forest at Khao E-To Forest Park in Prachinburi.

This year you can help restore this crucial ecosystem either in person or through a new online 'click to plant' initiative.

On 16 August, you are invited to join the Whizdom team and other volunteers as we plant the first 10,000 seedlings.

But you can also play your part by following the project online at the 'Whizdom Re-forest' Facebook fan page. You can even 'click to plant' your chosen trees at

Khao E-To is a mixed evergreen and deciduous 'watershed forest' that helps catch rainfall. But its condition has deteriorated despite past restoration efforts.

'Whizdom Re-forest' will plant 13 types of tree, each carefully chosen for the site.

Volunteers will also build 'check dams' to slow rainwater runoff on the mountain's steep slopes and boost ecosystems.

Learn more about the project at:

If you'd like to take part, please get in touch with us at Tel. 1265 by 6 August. (Limited places.)