Art4Worth showcases young artists at Whizdom Club

Bangkok – Art4Worth, a project by Buddharaksa Foundation to empower underprivileged children, is displaying some of their best work during August at Whizdom Club at 101 True Digital Park.
Art4Worth organizes art courses by leading professional artists at schools for orphans and in poor neighborhoods. The project has run for the last 2 years, helping children discover their talents and develop self-worth.
Art4Worth invites you to explore the personalities and ideas of these young artists through a free exhibition of over 40 pieces at Whizdom Club, on the 4th floor of 101 True Digital Park. The exhibition features:
• “Long live the Queen” 1-15 August 2019
• “Portraits” 16-31 August 2019

To support Art4Worth, please send your donations to Buddharaksa Foundation, account no. 1335235147, Bangkok Bank, Trok Chan Branch. Please send your payment slip with your name and surname to Buddharaksa Foundation Fanpage inbox. The foundation will send you a donation receipt.

Givers of over 300 baht will receive a pocket edition of the book ‘New Heart New World Kids’. Givers of over 600 baht will receive a premium edition in 2 languages.

Buddharaksa Foundation is a DTGO-linked charity dedicated to improving opportunities for children from underprivileged backgrounds. The foundation provides 693 scholarships and helps 7,000 pupils and students stay in education each year.