MQDC creates knowledge-sharing society by launching Whizdom Club at 101 True Digital Park

30 April 2019, Bangkok – MQDC has launched Whizdom Club, a 900 sqm space on Floor 4 of 101 True Digital Park with multifunction zones to develop ideas and nurture creativity within Whizdom Society, a knowledge-sharing society for the New Generation.

Mr. Assada Kaeokhiao, president of Whizdom under MQDC, said: “We have established Whizdom Society as a knowledge-sharing society that complements contemporary urban lifestyles.

“It meets the need for creative activities. It encourages imagination and self-improvement all year round. The idea is for our residents to enjoy the highest possible life quality, security, and well-being.”

Whizdom Club at 101 True Digital Park features:

Reception/Product Zone with a merchandize shop as well as food and beverages.

Workspace Station Zone, a 255sqm space ideal for meetings and discussions.

Whiz Ground Zone, where Whizdom Society will regularly hold ‘Whiz Talks’ on topics such as business, technology, innovation, and DIY.

Whiz Studio Zone, equipped with ‘FitMe’ tables, wheeled flip charts, stationery boxes, personal movable lockers, dedicated Wi-Fi, and 3D printers.

Exhibition Room Zone for displays on innovation, technology, and other contemporary topics.

Mr. Krissayuth Chavavitayatham, Vice President of Whizdom Society, said: “We have earmarked budgets for high-quality courses and activities. The New Generation is our target group, including Whizdom customers, students, and anyone looking for creativity and self-development."

Whizdom Club is at 101 True Digital Park, a complex with shops, cafés, restaurants, green spaces, and leisure facilities, connected by a skywalk to Punnawithi Station. 101 True Digital Park is integrated with the condominiums Whizdom Connect Sukhumvit, Whizdom Essence Sukhumvit, and Whizdom Inspire Sukhumvit.