DigitaLife plans ‘smart locker’ network

18 February 2019, Bangkok – DTGO subsidiary DigitaLife has tied up with Hive Box, a China-based leader in ‘smart lockers’, to revolutionize how people pick up and drop off packages in Thailand.

DigitaLife Corporation Limited (DLC) plans a network of 5,000 delivery points in Thailand within 3 years under a joint venture (JV) with Shenzhen Hive Box Technology Co., Ltd, whose 150,000 sites in China form the world’s largest smart locker network.

Mr Raj Tanta-Nanta Group President of DTGO Corporation Limited (DTGO) said: “DTGO’s agreement with Hive Box clears the last hurdle to online shopping’s take-off: the inconvenience of getting packages. Research shows that consumers hate having to stay home, or go and queue at a post office, or rely on a neighbour or employer to receive packages. Automated smart lockers let you pick up a package in seconds at a convenient place and at a time you choose.”

Hive Box’s smart lockers let recipients collect packages near their offices or homes, using passcode to open automated lockers swiftly and simply.

DigitaLife President Mr Vithit Arparpardh said: “We will significantly boost Thai e-commerce by putting smart lockers in condos, malls, universities, office buildings, parks, BTS/MRT stations, and even in convenience stores. In the first year, we aim for 160 points across Bangkok, working closely with logistics and delivery partners.”