Holiday estates equipped with energy saving functions and sustainability for the 3 generations

Not only look and functions that architecture and design are all about. Small details for living also do matter. How can the three generations fit in living together perfectly in terms of privacy, safety, energy saving function and bringing nature as part of their living? Even though Magnolias French Country is distinguished for its Western uniqueness and style, we carefully studied and implemented various techniques in selecting materials which suit best with humid tropical climate of Thailand. D I Designs has adopted all concepts to integrate with lifestyles in developing holiday estate project which combines energy saving functions and nature as a part of living
in Magnolias French Country Khaoyai, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. Due to Khaoyai’s
beautiful landscapes that comprise several mountains, this allows the project
to possess quality climate for all residents.





The advantages
of its climate and location have benefited the project’s dwellers. Knowledge
from research & development has contributed a great deal to designing.
Magnolias French Country Khaoyai brought together the site environment land
form and project design such as choosing roofing materials which can reduce
heat conduction into the house, designing house plan to allow air to flow
freely through the house from the surrounding stream and trees. The air flow travels
to the houses will bring cooler temperature, adjusting soil slopes and planting
trees to direct to ventilation into the house. The air flow will reduce the temperature
in the house and minimize air conditioner usage, designing entrance ramp with
non-slippery surface for the convenience and safety of the elderly, adjusting
the common areas by reducing small steps for the well-being and ultimate
benefits for the 3 generations.


Owing to professionalism
in designing from D I Designs Corporation Limited, Magnolias French County has
DEVELOPMENT(KHAO YAI) Highly Commended :
Magnolias French Country by Magnolia Quality Development
Corporation Limited ARCHITECTURAL
DESIGN : D I DESIGNS Corporation Limited/ Master Planning