Building Lives Through Education

Buddharaksa Foundation is the fulfillment of DTGO's Group CEO Thippaporn (Chearavanont) Ahriyavraromp's enduring life's mission entrusted to her by her father, Dhanin Chearavanont. The ultimate aim of the foundation is to empower positive life changes for underprivileged children by providing meaningful learning and training opportunities and supporting them on the journey to acquiring both knowledge and morality. The name 'Buddharaksa' which means to be cared for, safeguarded and protected by the Lord Buddha, was chosen specifically to communicate and reinforce the underlying principle of the foundation: to nurture children who have been previously deprived of opportunities for positive growth to become active, responsible and productive members of society.

The Foundation's core activities are centered on providing access to quality education for thousands of underprivileged children in Thailand annually. This work is done primarily by providing scholarships to students and by providing financing to enhance the academic capacity among partner schools and academic institutes through improvements in curriculum and instruction programs and the introduction of vocational and life skills training.

The Foundation also invests in the future by laying a solid base for raising contributions for quality education through various non-educational support programs like the "Raising Layer Chickens for Student's Lunch Project" that benefit both student development as well as provide a sustainable means of independent income generation for schools and their communities

In parallel to providing access to quality secular education, and encouraging support activities, the Foundation also funds programs that emphasize the fostering of virtue and morality according to the customs and traditions of Thai society and Buddhist teachings, in particular the concept of the Golden Rule and the attitude of 'paying it forward' to others in need.

It is our belief that this holistic approach, combining education, community programs and moral training develops young graduates who have the knowledge and skills to contribute to society and the moral perspective to ensure that these same benefits will be on offer to generations of underprivileged children in the future.