Resurrecting Bangkok's Canal Network

DT Designs, a DTGO subsidiary, has designed and submitted to the Bangkok Metropolitan (BMA) a proposal to revive the ancient canals of the city to create a modern network of waterways, and supplement the existing Metropolitan Rapid Transit system. After winning a Lafarge-Holcim Acknowledgement prize in 2014, the project was presented to the Thailand Urban Designer Association and DT Designs has since begun community consultation to determine how the waterways can remain part of a sustainable urban master plan for the city.

The project had its start through increased efforts by the city's department of drainage and sewerage aims to enhance drainage and prevent flooding by upgrading floodgates and reinforcing canal banks along the Ladprao and Bang Sue network of canals, better serving both the city as a whole and the communities that live canal-side. During the course of this process the BMA established a collaborative team made up of experts drawn from government organizations, universities, community leaders, volunteer architects and the private sector. DT Designs developed the Resurrected Canals idea as part of their role in the collaborative team and the concept was adopted as part of the urban development framework agreement between the city and communities in the canal area.

The process for drafting the framework agreement included many meetings and workshops with community leaders, government organizations, universities and private sector companies who wished to be a part of the development along the canal. Once agreement on the framework had been reached, DT Designs delivered a preliminary master plan to the BMA and the Ministry of Social Development & Human Security.

The objective of DT Designs is to work in detail with the related organizations once the master plan has been approved so that implementation of the Resurrected Canals concept is included as part of Thailand's 4.0 smart city plan.