Sustainnovation: understanding behavior to drive innovation

At DTGO we are dedicated to the proposition that deeper, pro-active understanding of human psychology and behavior is essential to create the systems and experiences that provide the stakeholder fulfilment that contributes most to the long-term health and well-being of our people and society.

The basis of this understanding, and the philosophy that underpins all our actions, activities and communications is SUSTAINNOVATION. This concept is a process to generate well-being in the context of our business and social actions through the thoughtful and active interplay of two types of research and innovation - behavioral psychology and eco-systems science. Our research into human behaviour generates insights into the motivations, inspirations, hopes, dreams and preferences that drive our stakeholders, both consciously and sub-consciously.

At MQDC, SUSTAINNOVATION helps us develop insights into how best to reinforce the positive aspects of human behaviour in the context of community living and maximize the health and happiness of our tenants. These insights are examined through the lens of the materials and systems that go into designing and planning living, commercial and recreational spaces including use of energy, landscaping, lighting, water and other key resources.

In order to deliver on the potential of SUSTAINNOVATION, MQDC has invested millions of dollars in an in-house research and development facility, the Research and Innovation for Sustainability Centre (RISC) as well as in technology and innovations to enhance better health and well-being for its residents, community and society at large. The mission of RISC is to operate as a credible R&D center dedicated to knowledge-sharing with the industry and cultivating world-class researchers with a focus on sustainable development.

RISC acts to help increase the speed and quality of innovation, supporting local innovators and partnering and sharing knowledge with world-class institutions. It is dedicated to optimizing tenant psychological and physical health across psychographics and demographics focusing particularly on the imperatives of construction, maintenance, resource management and lifestyle issues inherent in environments built for living, commercial use and recreation.

The RISC team of researchers leverages cutting-edge technology and collaborates with existing research institutions, building on their expertise to enable efficient planning and implementation of experiences that improve tenant well-being. RISC invests in latest technology and human resources, especially in under-researched areas, to bring about true sustainability for the property industry and enable local innovators to create concrete business and societal impacts. RISC incites real changes in the industry by leading by example.