A mixed use development designed to reinforce societal connections

WHIZDOM developments are unique, technologically advanced, eco-friendly, urban communities that appeal to residents who lead dynamic, socially interactive and highly-connected lifestyles as well as the businesses, retail offerings and services that cater to them.

The WHIZDOM brand embraces the concept of an urban community and an ever-evolving society fueled by life-long learning and community values. WHIZDOM fosters a knowledge-sharing society set within innovatively designed and operated residential, business and mixed-use urban properties.

The socially interactive dynamic, inherent in all of WHIZDOM projects and programs, is designed to stimulate and encourage social participation by internal and external communities of heterogeneous sets of tenants and other interconnected groups of stakeholders.

Whizdom 101, due to open in 2018 is the best example to-date of the Whizdom concept, encompassing 3 residential high-rise condominiums, extensive landscaping, significant retail offerings, formal and informal co-working space, commercial space as well as tenant facilities. More importantly, the mixed-use project is the most complete example of the application of "Sustainnovation" a core operational concept used by the project developer, MQDC. Sustainnovation is a research-driven approach to development, using insights into human behaviour combined with applied innovation in energy and resource use and an appreciation of integrated eco-systems to optimize the mental and physical health and well-being of the consumer's quality of life.

The Sustainnovation process has resulted in a number of significant innovations being included in the design and construction of Whizdom 101 including use of renewable energy sources, innovative approaches to heating and cooling, pro-active reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, encouragement of alternate transport, pro-active planning for urban food supply, initiatives to encourage community/proximate participation, green project management, as well as many others.

Whizdom 101 is a mixed-used project offering benefits well beyond those of just a physical plant. Instead the project is designed with equal emphasis on lifestyle experiences ,a combination of good living, good working and good relaxing including good social sharing. Its ambition is to continue to deliver on the original Whizdom promise of creating a culture of a close-knit, community driven city lifestyle under the theme of "The Great Good Place."