D I Designs and Green Building Development "Green Building Program"

Khun Tanasarn Kowsoui, a senior architect and representative of D I
Designs Corporation Limited has received a training under the Green
Building Program, which is a collaboration between the Thai Green
Building Institute - TGBI, the Engineering Institute of Thailand and the
Association of Siamese Architects under the Royal Patronage that sets
green building management guidelines for architectures and engineers to
follow in order to achieve the Thai's Rating of Energy and Environmental
Sustainability - New Construction (TREES - NC). Khun Tanasarn Kowsoui
has passed the required examination and is now qualified as a green
building expert, or a TREES ASSOCIATED (TREE - A), and a qualified green
building assessor under TREES - NC. And the persons who have passed the
qualification examinations set out by TREE - NC will be entitled to the
suffix "TREES - A" after their names. And it is this group of people,
the TREES-A or the TREES ASSOCIATE who, in the future, will play a
crucial role in developing the buildings in Thailand and ASEAN into
green buildings that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient
in a tangible manner.