“Forest for Life” Completes First 90-Day Cycle

15 Oct 2020DTGO CSR


15 October 2020, Bangkok – The Forestias by MQDC has organized “Forest for Life” to relieve hardship during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, working with DTGO-linked non-profits Buddharaksa Foundation and The Givers Network to give training in market gardening, helping communities support themselves and adding green space to Bangkok over the project’s first 90 days.
“Forest for Life” has now distributed seeds to 604 households (toward a target of 1,000) and helped grow 724,800 seedlings (toward a target of 1 million) while it continues to recruit and train communities. Seedlings from the project’s launch communities at Wat Thung Hiang and Ban Amphur in Chonburi are now ready for delivery. The initiative has provided 300,000 seedlings to Bangkok to enhance its parks and give its people more green space.

Bangkok aims to reduce air pollution through the “Bangkok Green City” project, with a goal of adding 750 rai (1.2 sq. km.) of green space to meet World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for 10 sq. m. of green space/person. Unused land has been surveyed for development into gardens, parks, or forest.

Police General Aswin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok, thanked MQDC for “Forest for Life” for relieving hardship during COVID-19 and delivering 300,000 seedlings worth over 6 million baht ($190,000) for the city’s parks. Bangkok currently has 8,557 parks and gardens covering 40 sq. km., or 7.05 sq. m./person. District offices manage smaller public parks and the Department of Environment takes care of 40 large parks. But the city aims to increase its green areas to meet WHO guidelines of 9 sq. m./person, which requires a lot of trees.

People of all sectors need to see the importance of supporting tree planting to make Bangkok a green and sustainable city.

Mr. Kittiphun Ouiyamaphun, Senior Vice President of The Forestias by MQDC, said that “Forest for Life” continues toward its goals of 1,000 households and 1 million seedlings for communities and departments who want to create green space. Some seedlings will also be used for MQDC property projects under an overall project budget of 25 million baht.

The societal contribution project “Forest for Life” was started by The Forestias by MQDC with Buddharaksa Foundation and The Givers Network. Inspired by “The Forestias”, the development to create a city in a forest, the program focuses on showing people the importance of adding green space and helping communities by recruiting them to tend seedlings to expand forest.

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