Buddharaksa Foundation and RIECE Thailand Give High Scope Training at Roi-Et

01 Nov 2020DTGO CSR


1–13 November 2020, Roi Et – Buddharaksa Foundation with Reducing Inequality through Early Childhood Education: RIECE Thailand held a “High Scope” training program for early childhood education for lecturers and officials at Muang Roi-Et School Training Center.
The DTGO-linked Buddharaksa Foundation was set up under the vision of Mr. Dhanin and Khunying Tawee Chearavanont, its Honorary Chairmen, to create opportunities in various fields for those who need help in Thailand, regardless of their race or religion.

The Partnership School project includes:

1. Kookhampittayasan School, Khon Kaen Province
2. Ban Nonsankham NongsalaSisa-at School, Sisaket Province
3. Ban Nonkhun School, Sisaket Province

The course presented the “High Scope” program to develop education to add benefits and enhance the potential of pupils. With support from Buddharaksa Foundation, the Partnership School project is a starting point for sustainable education in the future.

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