Buddharaksa Foundation Joins Partnership Schools Seminar

21 Sep 2020DTGO CSR


27 August 2020, Bangkok – Buddharaksa Foundation joined a partnership schools project seminar led by Mr. Nataphol Teepsuwan, Minister of Education, with officials from the Office of the Basic Education Commission as well as representatives from the private sector at the Ministry of Education.

The seminar covered issues, obstacles, limitations, and suggestions for planning across 5 main topics:

1. Management: a planned increase in education centers to cover all of Thailand’s 77 cities.
2. Collaboration: integration with other groups and ministries.
3. Teaching: use of technology to collect and update results for adaptable courses.
4. Budget: funding to develop innovation and quality in education.
5. Personnel: promotion of continuing education and career guidance.

The foundation has signed a memorandum of understanding for the 3rd Partnership School Project, which has run for 2 years. The initiative runs High Scope programs for students in primary education under the foundation, sharing knowledge in best practice with education centers and project supporters to drive the expansion of schools under the Buddharaksa Foundation.