Buddharaksa Foundation Joins Agricultural Training Seminar at Tak

01 Sep 2020DTGO CSR


1 September 2020, Tak – Buddharaksa Foundation with Krisana Kraisintu Foundation and Tak Farmers Council attended a meeting and follow-up events for an education center project at Mae Sot to teach farming skills.
In February 2020, the foundation signed a memorandum of understanding for this project to create an education center and develop the agricultural expertise of underprivileged people as follows.

1. Promote and support education and agriculture to develop quality of life and increase career opportunities for children, youths, and underprivileged people and farmers for sustainable quality of life.

2. Develop resilience through involving the community and collaborating with partners to help children, youths, and people and farmers in Tak province. The project is under construction and the education center is due to open in March 2021. Full management programs are planned for planting and raising seedlings and processing and marketing products to develop sustainable livelihoods.