Buddharaksa Foundation and Partners Help Older Adults

22 June 2020, Bangkok - Buddharaksa Foundation with the Social Assistance Center Hotline of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and Siriwathana almshouse have helped take care of an older adult without family.

Under a policy to protect neighborhoods and officials in the COVID-19 outbreak, the foundation and its partners have collaborated to help Mr. Jirapark, 68, who has diabetes and high blood pressure and lives without family at Wat Konon in Phasi Charoen.

Siriwathana almshouse is now taking care of Mr. Jirapark, providing security and a safe place for health and well-being. The almshouse takes care of older adults without family and now assists 50 with monthly support from Buddharaksa Foundation since 2016.

Members who wish to donate consumer goods and essentials to Siriwathana almshouse should please contact Buddharaksa Foundation or Ms. Narie of the almshouse on 083-5590526.