Join “Mask to School” to Protect Children from COVID-19

Children returning to school in the New Normal need a surgical mask to comply with new safeguards for COVID-19.

You are invited to donate to Buddharaksa Foundation’s “Mask to School” initiative to raise funds to buy surgical masks for 3,300 children, giving 2 to each, for these 5 schools:

1. Wat Sa-Kaeo School 
2. Bang Sa-dej Wittayakom School
3. Woradit Witthayaprasuit School
4. Bang Sa-dej Wittayakom School
5. Wat Tha Kum School

To help fund “Mask to School”, please transfer your donation to 
Buddharaksa Foundation, Bangkok Bank account 1335235147
from today until 31 July 2020.

If you need a document for tax deduction, after making your transfer please send your receipt with your name and address to Buddharaksa Foundation LINE Official or click 
You can donate through the xCash application by clicking on donate to Buddharaksa Foundation.