“Forest for Life” and Royal Forest Department Give Training

24 July 2020, Bangkok – “Forest for Life” and the Royal Forest Department held training programs on planting at Thong Kitti and Phum Jai.

Under a policy to help people affected by the COVID-19 crisis and to enhance quality of life by providing job skills and creating sustainable likelihoods, Royal Forest Department officials provided training on tending various seedlings while “Forest for Life” representatives gave financial support to people in these communities.

The Forestias by MQDC launched “Forest for Life” with Buddharaksa Foundation and The Givers Network, which helped find communities to take part. The Royal Forest Department recommended a network to grow seedlings for projects. Participants gain help with household expenses. Each family will each receive 3 monthly installments of THB5,000 for a total of THB15,000.

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