“Food for Hope” Expands to Help Communities Hit by COVID-19

5 May 2020, Bangkok - Mulberry Grove and One.Six Development Corporation Limited with Buddharaksa Foundation held “Food for Hope Share Love and Care”, a program to distribute food to unprivileged communities suffering during the COVID-19 outbreak by buying food from outlets hit by the lockdown.

Running from Thai New Year until mid-May, the program has expanded to help Suwitwatnoo Homeless Center and has already distributed 5,070 food boxes among the following communities:

1. Bankluay, Khlong Toei
2. Charoen Suk, Khlong Toei
3. Chomchunlung Thong Lo police station, Wattana
4. Ruenruedee, Wattana
5. Machim, Wattana
6. Charlerm Anusorn, Wattana
7. Suwitwatnoo Homeless Center

The program will expand further to help surrounding communities and the homeless.

To help fund “Food for Hope”, please transfer a donation to Buddharaksa Foundation, Bangkok Bank account 1335235147, Trok Chan Branch. 

After making your transfer, email details to (Your donation receipt will be eligible for tax deduction.)

Do you know of communities the team can help? If so, please contact The Givers Network >>> Click

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