‘Aj Tum’ leads visit to Ladprao canal projects

12 September 2018, Bangkok –Asst. Prof. ‘Aj Tum’ Pongporn Sudbanthad, an advisor to DTGO and MQDC, led members of his urban startup team, including architect, Mr. Santi Sombatwichatorn, on a trip along Ladprao Canal to meet with local stakeholders. Aj Tum’s team is providing masterplanning support for a project to enhance the canal, helping communities move to healthier surroundings while expanding the waterway to reduce flooding risks. “Our role here is to help co-ordinate between all stakeholders and work closely with local communities so the project can meet their needs,” said Aj Tum. “Travelling a few kilometers along the canal demonstrates how the environment is being successfully transformed. The new housing along the bank has been built to meet the requests of locals, who preferred to live in low-rise two- and three-story units. We are also working to ensure that, once the communities move, they will also have commercial opportunities through elements such as markets.” As part of helping canalside communities achieve sustainable economic development, the DTGO/MQDC urban startup team is working to introduce transport along the widened, deepened canals. Torqeedo, a specialist in electric boat motors, is set to provide the community with an environment-friendly water taxi, powered by solar panels and batteries charged on mains electricity. David Hunter, managing director of Torqeedo Asia-Pacific, joined the visit along with representatives of organizations involved in the project. The group met at Lad Phrao 48 then visited a child Center in Lad Phrao 45 Community before traveling by boat to meet the Lang Wor Kor Community, where new homes are already being completed to house residents moved from ramshackle constructions built over the water. After lunch the group met the Na Chom Thian Municipal team and Chai Klong Bang Bua Community. The tour concluded with a meeting with the INCA team at Klong Bang Khen Cooperative Office and with Lang Wor Kor Community members.