‘Im-Boon Jarinee’ student co-op launches at Dhammajarinee Wittaya School Ratchaburi

23 May 2018, Ratchaburi – Buddharaksa Foundation, represented by Khun Sutthiluck Vindubrahmanakula, attended the grand opening of ‘Im-Boon Jarinee’, the student cooperative of Dhammajarinee Wittaya School.

‘Im-Boon Jarinee’ was founded with three key objectives:
1. To help students develop work skills
2. To fund scholarships and career development
3. To supplement the income of teachers and school staff and generate funds for developing and improving the school’s premises and teaching resources

‘Im-Boon Jarinee’ will sell consumer goods, student-made school items, and products from the community in line with the cooperative committee’s policy to benefit the school and its surrounding communities.

Buddharaksa Foundation will be allocating THB100 yearly for each student until graduation. The final sum will then be available to help fund either continuing education or vocational training. The school cooperative has about 900 students and teachers.