DTGO China provides school supplies in Yunnan

China April 2018 – A team from DTGO China visited three schools in Yunnan Province in its third trip to help unprivileged children.

The group put on several activities with the pupils, teaching basketball during PE lessons, telling stories during reading periods, and holding a themed discussion on ‘Bright Boys and Elegant Girls’.

A week of local life convinced the DTGO team that the children’s living conditions were far tougher than they had imagined. Children in rural areas have few opportunities to learn. Usually there is only one school within 30-40 miles, raising obvious difficulties for attending.

Worse yet, the schools can lack basic facilities. Inadequate clean water, for example, means children can wash only occasionally, with the help of their teachers. DTGO China therefore provided brand new sportswear, so the children could have neat outfits. The pupils couldn’t wait to put them on and raced around in them on the playground.

Given the relative hardship of life in the province, parents work long hours. They fail to appreciate the importance of education and so do their children. Pupils tend to enter the workforce after junior high school. Some even leave school to have babies.

As education alone can transform the children’s prospects, DTGO China hopes more and more people can join to help these pupils, providing them with a better education and improving their quality of life.