Job ID: #J035

DTGO: Digital Designer

Job Responsibilities
  • Create impact visual solutions (AW, VDO, etc.) that meet Brand’s needs by applying brand identity standards, typography, photography, colors, etc.
  • Design creative work (e.g. image, VDO, infographic, etc.) that suit for content & match with all social media platforms.
  • Commit to timeline while deliver quality work and well coordinate with other functions in division and other business units.
  • Minimum Working Experiences 3 years in design/advertising agency.
  • Have basic knowledge on Branding & Corporate identity.
  • Ability to work fast under pressure & dynamic environment.
  • Ability to self-manage & multi-tasking/Positive & Creative thinking.
  • Problem solving skills/Leadership, good team player, sense of humor.


All applications will be reviewed within 72hrs. If you have further questions about DTGO, say hello here.

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About DTGO

DTGO Corporation Limited (DTGO) is a Business-Social organization that has been dedicated since its founding in 1993 to the generation of well-being for society through a better understanding of human behavior and holistic living eco-systems.